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Many of the lawyers at Elliott & Polasek, PLLC are registered patent lawyers. All of our lawyers strive for results in and out of the courtroom. We have the experience, insights, and courtroom knowledge to assist with challenges associated with intellectual property disputes.

Making Your Trial Team IP Ready®

With over 60 years of collective IP and litigation experience, both our clients and the law firms we work with benefit from our personalized, practical, and solution-oriented approach to handling complex IP matters.

Contact our intellectual property lawyers in Houston at (832) 981-6114 to learn about our flexible fee arrangements and reasonable rates. Free case evaluations and initial consultations are available.

Teaming Up With Other Lawyers and Law Firms

Elliott & Polasek, PLLC also frequently teams up with other lawyers and law firms in lawsuits, either appearing as co-counsel on the pleadings or working as consultants on specific issues. If you are a litigator or trial lawyer with an IP case, or a case that includes IP claims, you may wish to hire us to work with you to make your IP case even better. We can either work behind the scenes or stand with you shoulder-to-shoulder in the courtroom.

You might want pre-litigation assistance with infringement or validity claims, or an evaluation of how the technology dovetails with the claims, or what legal defenses are available. We will work with you early in the case to spot traps and pitfalls, and avoid nasty surprises. We can help you draft a complaint or petition, an answer, discovery requests or a mediation outline. We want to help you make your case IP-ready!

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  • 60+ Years of IP & Litigation Experience
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